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Are you seeking fundraising support for your event, contact us about our requirements. Options range from full or part time sponsorship depending on your specific event needs. 

With our futuristic photo booth, the look alone will increase foot traffic; being different from any other booth out there with the only professional printer to offer four sized prints. We offer today's hottest trends and features, along with accessories, which the client may up-sell to increase sales. 

Our booth is known to be a hot attraction and raise money for all sorts of organizations such as colleges, charity centers, religious centers, educational centers, 5K races and just about anything else.   

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Our state-of-the-art photo booth is loaded with today's hottest trends and features.

The future of Photo Booths is right here!

Our state-of-the-art photo booth is the perfect addition to any event. Our machine is not like any other around.  Our open booth concept will be the talk of your event! 

Print the memories with a traditional  2x6 and 4x6 or upgrade to our even bigger 6x6 and 6x8 sizes. 

Our booth features include singles, warp, boomerang, video, gif, print template,green screen and filters.  We are constantly adding more features. 

Not just any ordinary Photo Booth.

With our built in sharing station you have the ability to share images, brand the screen, or just display a slideshow, all without any kind of internet connection. 

Turn your guests into models by giving them ideas on how to pose in front of Queso. Over fifty randomized options appear before every session, creating a unique experience every time. 

Loaded with state of the art features.

Texting or e-mailing yourself from Queso sends you to a Live Gallery that you can customize. Guests can check on this link throughout the event and relive their memories.  E-mail and SMS features allowing the photos to be shared , your guest will be able to look back at your event forever. No WiFi? No problem, E-mails and SMS to queue and send later, allowing you to still collect data. Prints and the back screen also work without a WiFi connection. 

  • E-mail and text feature along with our online live photo gallery allows the customer to save, send, and share photos. This is a great opportunity to brand your event!
  • Green screen feature; Customers may choose one of ten different images. This is a huge hit for kids, couples, and families. Green screen effect can be an up-charge for higher profits.
  • Loaded with today's hottest trends such as boomerangs, gifs, filters, video and more.
  • Sell ad space; Have sponsors display there ad on the front display of our booth. All foot traffic and photo booth visitors will see the display. Clients can also charge for a sponsorship of the photo booth. 
  • Upgrade the standard photo strip or 4x6 size to our over-sized 6x6 and even 6x8 size to up-charge and increase profits. We are the only photo booth to offer this feature. 
  • Add frames as an add-on to increase the booth appearance and sales.
  • Custom prop table available; featuring themed and custom props specifically for your event. 
  • Advertise your organization, charity, company information and more with each print. 
  • LED Staging increases the booth appearance which helps increase foot traffic and sales.  
  • Music speaker system is available for when a DJ is not necessary. Entertain your guests with a  pre-selected playlist or radio station. 
  • Custom made templates, layouts, designs, booth interface and more available.
  • Custom made backdrops available. Brand your charity, organization, and more.
  • Included is a banner detailing photo booth features and functions to promote the booth and educate the customer. 
  • Collect and save E-mail and SMS contacts for your marketing and e-mail database.

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Our equipment rentals are a great add-on to increase sales at any event.

 Our rentals come with the supplies and product needed for your event. Family and kid friendly products add fun to any event. with our professional machines and display, your guests are sure to enjoy that extra treat. Our professional appearance increases sales for any event.


Our professional popper is ready to serve hot buttery popcorn with any occasion. 

  • Professional machine with cart increases display and sales
  • open top or sealed bags available


Our professional machine includes a cart and dome lid which increase appearance and sales. 

  • Professional machine with dome lid, cart and cone holder
  • cones or sealed bags
  • 4 different flavors available


We are the only company to offer an ice chest to store ice. Ice not included.

  • Professional machine with ice chest (holds 80-90 lbs. of ice)
  • 4 Different flavors of syrup 
  • Paper cones or plastic cups available